Dump truck HD270

Dump truck Hyundai HD270 , also known as Xe ben HD270, is manufactured on the most advanced line of Hyundai Korea factory. The car has a volume of 10 blocks, a tonnage of 15 tons, 100% monolithic imports and genuine distribution on the market by Kinh Bac Auto – Hyundai’s first-class dealer.

HD270 is characterized by a heavy truck, so it is equipped with modern technology, a strong design, full of creativity with a flexible Marrel-style dump mechanism. The car has a D6AC engine (320ps / 2,200 rpm), the suspension and the frame are equipped with front / rear tweezers that help the car have the ability to reduce the shock, help save maximum fuel, and help increase the life of the vehicle. on any terrain.

The cabin compartment of the HD270 15-ton 3-leg dump truck is widely designed. Therefore, the car is always appreciated in luxurious interior space and extremely comfortable feels like a miniature room for the driver.

Taplo wooden frame brings an eye-catching, easy-to-see and luxurious feeling to the car. Special controller clock display clear parameters. The face is made of glass, surrounded by LEDs that support lighting for easier viewing.

The driver seat is still the most focused part, smart design for pneumatic shock absorbers: support for increasing the pneumatic waist, adjusting 8 directions to bring the ideal sitting position, creating the most comfortable feeling, dispelling melt all driving fatigue.

In addition, the cabin compartment is wider, behind the driver seat there is a large single bed, separate from the driving space. The bed is capable of automatically heating in winter, cooling in the summer to bring the best feeling to all customers.

Between the 2 chairs, there is a large storage compartment to store large objects and documents. Above the driver’s seat, there is also a storage compartment that provides space for holding small items, maps or documents of companies and businesses.

In addition , the car is also equipped with full amenities such as 2-way air-conditioning system, CD player entertainment system, USB connector, phone charging port …

Not only HD270 dump trucks, but all product lines are researched, manufactured and assembled by Hyundai Korean factory with the most modern components. However, with the characteristics of large size dump trucks, the exterior of the HD270 dump truck is still focused more.

Vehicles designed with high aerodynamic properties. The wheelbase is much improved compared to the previous versions with a length of 4590 (3,290 + 1,300) carefully calculated so that the vehicle can reduce the maximum resistance of the wind, carry goods with the allowable volume. and still running smoothly on the journey.

The cabin of the car is designed with a tilt angle of 50 degrees adjusted by hydraulic systems to optimize the time of inspection, maintenance and maintenance of the vehicle. The top of the cabin with embossed ribs with 2 wings on both sides of the aerodynamic design helps reduce wind noise into the cabin. The trapezoidal design is large trapezoidal with grille to help cool the engine when the car is moving. In order to make the auto-pour mechanism more flexible, the Hyundai factory has improved the width and height of the car’s push bar, the A-shaped ben system is stronger, more durable and smoother.

In addition, the vehicle is designed to add a restrictive bar to increase safety. This bar is symmetrically designed, mimicking the design of luxurious passenger cars, thus creating elegance and elegance to ensure many times safer than other cars in the same segment on the market.

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